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A long-time thought leader in digital music and entertainment with creative roots as an executive at Apple Inc and EMI Music, Kelli Richards has worked with scores of established artists, celebrities and innovative technology companies.  Dubbed “the Diva of Digital Music,” Kelli connects the innovators – who she calls the “Creative Disruptors” – of technology and branded entertainment to form mutually beneficial business models to distribute entertainment digitally.
Kelli offers visionary leadership and creative insights to enable her audiences of entertainment creators, emerging artists, and technology professionals to see greater possibilities and opportunities for themselves as she shares her vision of the technology-entertainment intersection and its implications for the future.

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The State of the Digital Landscape: New Distribution Paths for Content Owners

Artists in Control:  Shifting the Balance of Power from Record Labels to Artists


Artists take control of their brands & rights in the process of finding new
ways to connect more directly with their fans amidst new forms of distribution and emerging revenue streams.

The Impact of Social Communities on Digital Entertainment


Learn how online communities and social media are affecting music, media and entertainment, especially with regard to creating richer artist-to-fan audience engagement and monetization of artist/celebrity brands.

The Evolution of Live Music Events through Digital Media

Discover what’s happening with the “Concert of the Future” and how the live music experience is being forever changed.

Embracing the Connected Consumer:  Entertainment and Technology from the Digital Home to the Mobile Universe

Find out how our world is changing and how to court the consumer with on-demand content.  It’s anywhere, everywhere, on any device – ubiquitous and untethered.

Download Kelli’s informational speaker one sheet!