• Are you looking for faster market acceptance for your game-changing product or service or a broader audience for your entertainment content?
  • Would you like to leverage the brand equity of established artists and celebrities (or branded entertainment content) to impact your business?
  • Would multiple distribution channels help you create additional revenue from your music, video or digital content?
  • Do you need help accessing the top 5% of artists, musicians, filmmakers, authors and other creative celebrities?

The All Access Group guides innovative companies and established artists to greater levels of access to influencers, market penetration and revenue growth.  For companies and artists with branded content, Kelli and her team map out their “360 Digital Strategy” to take advantage of the latest technologies, critical connections and business models to monetize their products with their audience.

Companies in the technology space work with us because we help them get traction fast.  We connect them with key decision-makers and influencers in entertainment, we guide them in the art of working with creative talent, and we help them put high impact deals together with leading content owners including top film studios, major record labels and established artists and celebrities.

Alan Weiss on Kelli Richards, Consultant and Advisor on Technology, Entertainment and all things Digital.

We may sound different from other consulting firms because we are.  We are 100% dedicated to your success. We don’t stop until we find the business model, the connections and the revenue strategy that’s just right for you.  Our clients get what they need when they need it (plain and simple).  We are top tier creative problem-solvers and we deliver on all kinds of client challenges and requests.

Kelli functions as an extension of your senior management team, charting strategy and guiding implementation.  Whether you are a technology, music or entertainment company, she will play a significant role in your business development, strategic partnerships, content acquisition and deal-structuring, connecting you to key people and opportunities that deliver highest impact.