“I am most comfortable working with what I call the ‘creative disruptors’ of the world. These are the mavericks that never settle for the status quo, but constantly seek new and different ways to deliver knockout results and projects to an ever-evolving world. I connect the disruptors and visionaries to their teams, their tribe and their most influential partners and advocates.” ~ Kelli Richards

Fearless people not only live amazing lives and achieve great heights – fearless people take on projects from which the rest of us would run.

You are an innovator, a catalyst, a change agent (or aspire to be!). You seek to make big things happen in the world, in alignment with deep meaning at the most authentic level. You have a vision for making a powerful difference through your work and your talent.

You are powerful, passionate and you have a strong track record of success. You crave to create a legacy constructed on fearlessness – to build on the most vibrant dreams of your lifetime, full speed ahead. You have a sense of inspiration. You are a visionary.

If this is you, you are a member of an exclusive tribe of successful risk-takers. Like other tribe members, you have manifested great achievements and still have many accomplishments ahead of you. If you are seeking or working on the next big success in your life – or to expand your sphere of influence with the right caliber of high impact colleagues and collaborators, I welcome the opportunity to work with you.

My clients include celebrities, world-famous musicians, CEOs, technology innovators and self-made millionaires. I coach and consult successful influencers and big thinkers. My clients manifest great things and seek to extend their reach to broader audiences in a way that’s profitable and fulfilling. At heart I am a connector who helps my tribe engage with powerful individuals who share their vision. I help them to achieve bigger results than they may have ever imagined for themselves.

Due to my deep level of commitment to my tribe members, and their accomplishments, I work with only    a handful of one-on-one clients at a time. Together, we sculpt a customized program – and connections – uniquely fit to you and your goals — personally, professionally, purposefully and passionately.

When we work together, there are many ways I can support your success including the following:

  • Defining your inspiring vision and success plan
  • Taking bigger, bolder action & busting through whatever roadblocks may be in your path
  • Bringing fresh insights and cutting-edge industry trends to catapult your growth
  • Leveraging relationships to give access to top-tier decision makers, influencers, innovators, and artists and celebrities that you might not otherwise be able to reach to create opportunities for mutual benefit

So tell me……

  • What is the biggest challenge that lies ahead of you (personally and/or professionally)?
  • What do you need the most help with?
  • What is the one thing that would move your project forward with momentum more than anything else?

Let’s begin a confidential conversation right now. Please fill out your contact information at the bottom of the page.  I look forward to connecting and learning more about how I can serve you.

About Kelli: Kelli has been certified as a professional coach by Debbie Ford’s Institute for Integrative Coaching. She is mentored by Alan Cohen, author of Relax into Wealth (and dozens of other books), and by Million Dollar Consultant & Million Dollar Coach Alan Weiss (a leading consultant and author of over 40 books). All of Kelli’s teachers are highly sought after, successful consultants and best-selling authors. She has been invited to be one of just 25 world-class mentors trained by Alan Weiss personally for his Master Mentor Program. What does this mean for clients? It means a unique symbiotic relationship with the projects they seek to create – and unprecedented access to top-notch insights, advice, strategies & tools.


Select Testimonials from Satisfied Coaching Clients

“Kelli, you’re a great business coach, and anybody who’s even remotely related to your field of entertainment or technology, or music particularly, they need to call you, no doubt about it”
~ Libby Gill,
Branding Expert and CEO of Libby Gill & Co.
“Kelli’s guidance and support was instrumental in getting me on track for the life I’ve been dreaming of. In the time we worked together, I bought a house, lost weight, increased communication in my relationships and got clarity around my goals and the subsequent requirements to achieve them.”
~ Sarah C., Mountain View, CA
“Kelli is committed to excellence and success, and she embodies this in her coaching through rigorous and unflinching honesty that goes bone deep. I found her to be extremely supportive and I accomplished an incredible amount in the time that I was coached by her.”
~ Clare B., Vancouver, BC
“I’ve had the distinct pleasure of being mentored and coached by Kelli. During our time working together I found Kelli to be very professional, insightful, tough and extremely helpful. She helped me in multiple areas of my life and we systematically worked on improving each of these areas with education, instruction and goal management. I can say with 100% confidence that I would not have achieved the level of success that I did without Kelli’s help. The change in both my professional and personal life has been nothing short of dramatic.”
~ Bob  S., San Jose, CA

“Kelli’s wholehearted support and belief in me absolutely made the difference in my success as she coached me to a level of vibrancy and authenticity in my life that I didn’t know were possible! As Kelli held me accountable, my self responsibility escalated to that of outstanding. Kelli’s encouragement and insights motivated and challenged me to really stretch my goals and continue to take on more each week. Her compassion created a safe area for me to courageously face my fears and vulnerabilities, guiding me to a place of amazing empowerment. Thanks to Kelli’s excellent coaching every area of my life is now fun, fulfilling, inspired and purposeful.”
~ Linda K., La Jolla, CA


“Kelli is a very clear, honest, & direct success coach. Her intuitive presence empowered me to reach deep inside myself to find my own answers. Kelli’s laser-focused attention led me to deeper clarity around my authentic self. Throughout our journey together, I experienced her support as unwavering and profoundly wise. I’ll always be grateful for Kelli in my life.”
~ Michele L., Tiburon, CA

“All great achievements begin with a vision grander than the appearance at hand. Never use what has been, or what is before you, as an indication of what can be. What is within you is more real, alive and valuable than anything the outside world shows you. This time on the planet calls for Big Picture thinkers  and individuals who can shoot focused arrows of thoughts into the future. That process is the most powerful when it is the most fun. Trust that your most pleasurable ideas have been seeded in you by a wisdom beyond the obvious. Then you cease to be a reactor and become a creator. And there is no greater joy than seeing what could be as if it already is.”

Alan CohenRelax Into Wealth


Kelli Richards with Alan Weiss“Our lives and careers change, and coaching is important to consider as we continue to evolve and as conditions evolve around us. We’re seldom the same people we were even two years ago, and we often need help to ensure we reach our desired destinations (and often can use support to craft a game plan to get there). People who are doing big things and experience the biggest shifts in their lives are most often people who use coaching on an ongoing basis to provide accountability, support, guidance, feedback, and a mechanism for course-correction.”

-Alan Weiss “Million Dollar Coaching”


“Take Your Passion and Make It Happen”

(from the mega-hit “Flashdance” by my client Irene Cara)

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