We help companies that are innovative, disruptive, and game-changing to make money and move markets.  We are driven to work with team players who thrive at the cutting edge of what’s next in technology and entertainment.  We bring decades of experience in digital music and entertainment, along with the strategic insights and powerful connections needed to forge the partnerships and alliances that will accelerate the results and stature our clients want to achieve in the marketplace.

The All Access Group guides established artists and innovative companies to reach greater levels of access to top talent, influencers & decision-makers, revenue growth and market penetration.  For media and entertainment companies and artists and celebrities with branded content, Kelli and her team map out their unique “360 Digital Strategy” to take advantage of cutting edge distribution technologies, company connections and new revenue streams.  For “disruptive,” innovative technology companies, Kelli can leverage artists’ and celebrities’ brand equity for faster growth, market penetration, and consumer adoption.

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Start-up Mentoring Program

For pre-funded or early stage start-ups with limited budgets who need strategic insights, industry expertise and powerful connections they otherwise can’t reach to accelerate their market traction and presence.

As a highly respected veteran, industry insider, and strategist, Kelli helps start-up companies in the digital music, branded entertainment and technology space accelerate their progress and shorten the success cycle to market penetration and profits.  Find out how Kelli can guide your early-stage growth and help you navigate the maze of music/entertainment and technology with impactful results.

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I coach successful influencers and catalysts often in technology, music and entertainment who are doing brilliant things to contribute to the world, and who seek to extend their reach to broader audiences in a way that’s both profitable and personally fulfilling. These are innovators, high achievers and change agents. In some form or fashion these individuals seek to make bigger things happen in the world in alignment with what gives them meaning, fulfillment, and soul satisfaction at a deep authentic level. These are people who are oriented towards growth, transformation and expansion, and who have a vision for making a meaningful difference in the world through their work, their life, & their unique talents & gifts. If this sounds like you, you’re likely a ‘tribe member’; let’s talk.

Kelli’s unique blend of mentoring and coaching allows her individual clients to excel in their personal lives, just as her business consulting guides them to professional excellence.  Trained by the best in the business, Kelli is a Mentor Coach, herself mentored and certified by world renowned “Million Dollar Consultant” Alan Weiss. She is one of only 25 people in the world personally sanctioned by Alan Weiss to act in this capacity.  She is also a Certified Integrative Life Coach, having been trained by two globally renowned, seasoned coaches and bestselling authors – Debbie Ford and Alan Cohen.  Learn more about Kelli’s unique style of mentor coaching and how it can benefit you.

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Celebrity Wrangling

  • For corporate clients who want to work with an experienced talent producer to secure celebrities and established musicians as a means of injecting enthusiasm into their consumer-focused marketing campaigns &/or internal employee/sales events.
  • For awards show, concert and event organizers who want a seasoned, veteran talent producer to handle celebrity participation in their events that understands the needs of VIPs, artists/celebrities, and is highly skilled at working with them.

Having lived at the crossroads of entertainment and technology for the past 20 years, Kelli is able to attract some of the biggest talent in the business to create successful results for client objectives.  Kelli and her team can secure and handle top-name VIP talent (without restriction) with a velvet glove at every step — whether for corporate events, marketing or brand campaigns, industry conferences, trade shows, award shows, televised events or global concerts.

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Kelli offers visionary leadership and creative insights to enable her audiences of entertainment creators, emerging artists and technology professionals to see greater possibilities and opportunities for themselves as she shares her vision of the technology-entertainment intersection and its implications for the future.

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Some of Kelli’s most popular presentations include: “The State of the Digital Landscape: New Distribution Paths for Content Owners,” “Artists in Control: Shifting the Balance of Power from Record Labels to Artists,” “The Impact of Social Communities on Digital Entertainment,” “The Evolution of Live Music Events through Digital Media,” “Embracing the Connected Consumer: Entertainment and Technology from the Digital Home to the Mobile Universe.”
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