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Star-Struck: Tapping into the Power of a Celebrity Speaker
Published September 8, 2014, LinkedIn Articles

linked InCreating a well-designed event is a balancing act. Tapping industry leaders and controversial renegades, orchestrating brilliant panels, and throwing awesome after-parties all help draw people in, but a well-informed celebrity speaker can elevate your event to “can’t-miss” status with real punch and energy.

A well-chosen, well-prepared celebrity speaker can infuse your event’s atmosphere with a sense of excitement. And a celebrity who’s informed, articulate, inspiring, and entertaining guarantees an unforgettable impression.

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How to Make Money By Talking to Cool People
Published September 5, 2014, Inc.

Inc. logoAccording to a survey KnowledgeStorm and Universal McCann conducted, 65 percent of business and IT professionals listen to podcasts for personal and business purposes, and 60 percent interviewees said whitepapers and analyst reports would be more attractive in podcast form.

That is a huge potential for a strong revenue stream–plus a brand and credibility boost.

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Only the Good Die Young: Robin Williams & Other Creative Geniuses Taken Too Soon
Published August 16, 2014, LinkedIn Articles

linked InI’ll never forget the first time I met Robin Williams. I was a teenager attending a taping of “Mork & Mindy” on the Paramount Pictures lot. He was incredibly gracious and encouraging to my 16-year-old self with aspirations of working in the entertainment business and making my dent in the universe.



5 Conversation Tools For Nurturing Your Relationship With A Mentor
Published July 29, 2014, Forbes

ForbesWe’ve all longed for a classic mentor-mentee relationship at some point in our careers. We want someone who is savvy and seasoned. We want her to provide the perfect insights and career advice that will help us reach our goals. We want someone who will guide us to our destination.

I’ve been fortunate to have several fantastic mentors during my career at Apple and beyond — and equally as fortunate to have counted Steve Jobs as one of them. These mentors helped me get my MBA, navigate workplace politics, and chart a path to success by bolstering my self-confidence to strike out on my own to forge the unique path I’ve paved for myself.



Kelli Richards Interviewed on Fortune Hunters
June 26, 2014


Kelli Richards interviewed on Internet TV Show, Ninon Speaks
June 11, 2014

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Kick-Finishing: The Next Big Thing in Promotion
Published, June 29, 2014, LinkedIn Articles

linked InIt’s no surprise that artists and entrepreneurs alike frequently turn to crowdfunding — it works.

Crowdfunding campaigns raised more than $60,000 every hour in March. That’s a huge network recognizing and supporting individual projects and careers.

But it’s not just the initiation stage of a project that can benefit from a crowdfunding network. By using crowdfunding to spread the word after you’ve completed your project, you can turn your fans and partners into a massive marketing team and drastically increase the reach of your brand. This tactic is called kick-finishing, and it’s exactly what my musician friend Brent Bourgeois is doing with his new album.



Why Apple’s Beats Acquisition May Be Its Smartest Move Yet
Published, June 9, 2014, LinkedIn Articles

linked InThe most talked-about “secret” of 2014 was Apple’s $3 billion acquisition of Beats. Although it wasn’t officially announced until May 28, rumors swirled around the Internet for weeks.

Apple now owns Beats Electronics (the makers of the headphones and speakers) and Beats Music, a streaming service similar to Pandora and Spotify. Apple has also added Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine to its executive roster, though their roles have not yet been clarified publicly.

This turn of events represents a dynamic new era in Apple’s relationship with the music industry and with music fans.



Kelli interviewed by Jamie Tardy; How to Network With Celebrities and Thought Leaders like Steve Jobs with Kelli Richards
April 2014, Eventual Millionaire

eventual millionaire“Kelli has an amazing story, and an even more amazing network. She worked with Steve Jobs and many others at Apple, and now helps deals with amazing silicon valley business and even celebrities. We talk about how to network with extremely high level people. I even created what I call “Connection Dinners” since taking advice from Kelli!”

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How Your Brand Can Rock the Socks Off A Music Festival
Published, May 21, 2014, LinkedIn Articles

linked InSummer music festivals are full of sunshine, fun, and community, but they’re also packed with thousands of potential customers and brand advocates. Advertising at these events is nothing new, but startups that can find a way to become part of the festival can reap significant benefits.

People love music festivals because they feel like they’re getting more value by paying one price to see several great bands. The music and the atmosphere can produce strong feelings of belonging and elation that are memorable and often affect attendees deeply. Having people associate your brand with that feeling is priceless.


Dear HBO, Please Keep ‘Silicon Valley’ Real
Published, May 7, 2014, Forbes

ForbesStart-up life is a hot topic in Hollywood right now. From Joshua Michael Stern’s “Jobs” to the Amazon original series “Betas,” there’s an undeniable appeal to life in Silicon Valley for those both inside and outside the start-up bubble.

Of course, Hollywood is famous for exaggerating or overlooking important aspects of reality for entertainment purposes, but so far, HBO’s “Silicon Valley” looks promising. Despite the dramatic plotline and start-up stereotypes, the show provides a mostly accurate portrayal of entrepreneurial life and may even help demystify some aspects of start-up culture.


3 Seemingly Obvious Tech Mergers We’re Still Waiting For
Published May 5, 2014, Fast Company

Fast-Company-logoOne of the best parts of working in the tech industry is having a ringside seat to watch heavyweights like Google and Apple duke it out for market share and to be the first to develop the next big thing.

When tech titans acquire smaller, hotter companies (or struggling enterprises that have been around the block), the result is often an exciting jolt of innovation and the threat of a bold industry upset.


PRESS RELEASE: The All Access Group, LLC: CEO of The All Access Group Kelli Richards Joins Forces with SiVal Advisors

Cupertino, CA – April 10, 2014 – Kelli Richards, CEO of The All Access Group LLC, a trusted mentor and consultant, coach, international speaker, talent producer, and two-time #1 Amazon Bestselling author has recently launched a collaboration with SiVal Advisors LLC, a well known boutique Silicon Valley investment bank led by Managing Partner and Co-Founder Jan Robertson.


PRESS RELEASE: The All Access Group, LLC: CEO of All Access Group Shares 5-Minute Wisdom Audios from Thought Leaders

Cupertino, CA – March 18, 2014 – Kelli Richards, CEO of The All Access Group LLC, a trusted mentor and highly sought-after consultant, coach, international speaker, talent producer, and two-time #1 Amazon Bestselling author recently created an audio series called “Coffee and Connections This five-minute series captures powerful insights and wisdom from Fortune 500 CEOs, luminaries and thought leaders. Powerful insights and wisdom in the time it takes to enjoy a cup of coffee once a week.


4 Steps to Ace an Early-Adopter Culture
Published March 12, 2014, Entrepreneur

Entrepreneur logoIn this era of rapid innovation, a new technological breakthrough can shake an entire industry in an afternoon, and consumers are hungry for the most advanced gadgets available. Businesses are constantly expected to be at the forefront of emerging technology.



How to Vet a Crowded Industry for Hidden Innovation Opportunities
Published March 11, 2014, LinkedIn Articles

linked InFew people look at a thermostat and think, “Now there’s an exciting business opportunity!”

As a device, it’s a boring commodity — a relic of a stagnant, saturated market. So why did the co-founders of Nest decide to build a multimillion-dollar company around the reinvention of the thermostat?



4 Tech Dinosaurs That Will Finally Die in 2015
Published February 27, 2014, Forbes

ForbesIn recent years, technology has changed the way we view work, entertainment, media, and even our workout habits. While most people are focused on what’s next for wearables, cloud computing, and syncing gadgets, few have taken the time to consider the tech we’re going to be sending into retirement in the coming years.

Here are the tech trends that are coming to an end in 2015.



5 Unlikely Music Legends With Great Advice for Entrepreneurs
Published February 25, 2014, LinkedIn Articles

linked InIt isn’t uncommon for people to assume that entertainers don’t have much to offer in the way of practical entrepreneurial advice. We usually expect business wisdom to come from the likes of Mark Cuban, Elon Musk, and Warren Buffett — not Jimmy Buffett.

But there are a few celebrities out there who do have their hand in the entrepreneurial game with savvy business advice to share.

In this article, we discuss a few entertainment legends whose entrepreneurial endeavors have given them some great insights into finding success.



The Secret to Becoming a Super Connector
Published January 28, 2014, LinkedIn Articles

linked InA few years ago, a former colleague reached out to me. He was working at Cisco, helping the company organize its 25 anniversary employee celebration. For the event’s entertainment, CEO John Chambers wanted Jerry Seinfeld.


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PRESS RELEASE: The All Access Group, LLC: Kelli Richards and “All Access Radio” Show Reach One Millionth Download !

Cupertino, CA – December 17, 2013 — This month, All Access Radio, a BlogTalkRadio show produced and hosted by Kelli Richards, CEO of the All Access Group, reached its one millionth download. Each week Kelli Richards interviews artists, friends, industry leaders and innovators on the show in a warm & inviting fireside chat format.

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