Cyber Monday – Digging for Digital Dollars

The holiday season is upon us now that Thanksgiving has come and gone. If you’ve just surfaced from the post-Thanksgiving turkey overdose then you’ve already missed Black Friday, which is probably for the better. However, many e-commerce sites are extending Cyber Monday deals through the entire week. This blog isn’t going to tell you where to find the best deals or give you any general tips, but rather it will highlight the importance of Cyber Monday to the tech industry and its influence throughout the globe.

The term “Cyber Monday,” was first coined in 2005 by as a parallel to Black Friday. Scott Silverman of created the concept based on research that the Monday following Thanksgiving was the biggest online retail day of the year, presumably for anyone who missed out on Black Friday deals. In its first year, Cyber Monday generated over $600 million dollars in sales from U.S consumers. It has since grown to double that and is now “celebrated” in countries across the globe such as the U.K, Portugal, Germany, New Zealand, and Australia.

One of the reasons Cyber Monday has grown so steadily over the years is because the rapid advancements in tech. In 2005, few people were browsing on their cell phones, now however, more than 12% of Cyber Monday purchases are made from a mobile device. Similarly, the rate at which technology is released has sped up in every direction, meaning more cool new gadgets for people to buy. As online sales soar with Cyber Monday, some brick-and-mortar locations and small businesses have complained that the deals online are taking money away from local economies. The sad (and great) news is that really, as technology and e-commerce rapidly evolve, everyone along the retail trail will have to find a way to keep up.

So happy hunting! There are so many cool new products on the market – from the iPad Mini to the Kindle Fire to all the great new laptops that have come out. Hopefully you won’t go overboard and max out all your cards, though I know it can be tempting!

Kelli Richards
CEO of the All Access Group.

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3 Responses to Cyber Monday – Digging for Digital Dollars

  1. I would have needed to take the day off to go through ALL the ‘cyber monday’ ads in my email inbox. I didn’t find any of these specials to be “all that special” and have found deals just as good, or better, throughout the year. Now I’m getting Cyber Tuesday offers. I’m making holiday gifts this year!

  2. Thanksgiving means one thing. No, not turkey, but travel. In fact, Hotwire just released the American Travel Behavior survey showing that most Americans will have 9.2 paid vacation days leftover at the end of 2012. Don’t be a statistic. Plan ahead and book your next vacation on Black Friday or Cyber Monday. There are even travel deals kicking off on Wednesday!

  3. In many ways, brands that work with FourSquare take advantage of data by giving discounts to people who check in at merchants’ locations. Toys R Us made a big play in this space last holiday season with the Geoffrey Holiday Badge. By checking in on Thanksgiving Day or Black Friday, customers received a coupon for 15 percent off a purchase of $150 or more. Swarm deals were available when 15 or more people checked in to a specific store within a three-hour period.

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